Embroidered Items

Embroidered clothing is the professional way to present your brand. Sew your logo on thousands of items from polo shirts and hats to laptop bags and robes, either way we are your one stop shop for all things sewn.

At EMS Promotions we do things a little bit different than our competitors when it comes to embroidery. While other companies cut corners to increase profits we know the true value is in gaining a customer for life. Here are just a few of the many differences you will see when you purchase embroidered items from EMS Promotions:

embroidery competition comparisons


EMS – Digitizing the process of digitally programming your logo for the embroidery machine is performed here stateside by an expert with over 25 years experience. Having worked with our embroiderer for over 5 years we know he is worth his weight in gold especially when we see the competition’s work.

Competition – Most competitors send their digitizing overseas to outsourced operations that often do not have the experience and know how for this skilled craft. On numerous occasions customers have commented to us how much better our final product is compared to who they went with in the past.


EMS – Each new embroidery order comes with a free sew out. A sew outs is your logo sewn onto a sample piece of fabric. From there we scan the image and send it via email for proof approval. This is your chance to see the thread colors that were chosen as well as the overall look of your logo converted to thread.

Competition – Most competitors take your order without giving you the peace of mind of a sample sew out,  3-5 weeks later you are seeing the sewn logo for the first time. If it isn’t just right it’s too late – you are stuck with it! Some companies will allow you to send the order back and start over again but then you have inconvenience of waiting for another round of shirts, we would rather get it right the first time.



EMS – Order with us and what you want is what you get. Want to add a phone number on the back of a hat? Done. Want to add your company website below the logo? Done. Just let us know what ideas you have and we will are happy to make them happen.

Competition – Competitors often force buyers to order the same color, size, and imprint color with their online shopping cart sytem leaving very little flexibility for the customer. EMS Promotions on the other hand will work with customers to make any needed color changes to the logo so that it will work with the different colored items in your order, all at no additional cost.