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A brand new study reveals that promotional products are more cost-effective than nearly all other advertising media. Here are 10 compelling reasons to include them in your marketing mix.

In a tough economy like this one, marketers want to make sure every dollar spent is going to give them the right return on their investment. One fail-safe strategy: Up your use of promotional products in every marketing campaign you do. According to a brand new study from the Advertising Specialty Institute (the company that publishes Successful Promotions), promotional products beat nearly all other types of advertising media, including TV, print and radio, in terms of Cost Per Impression (CPI).

The Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, which includes interviews with more than 600 businesspeople who had received promotional products, also revealed that a whopping 84% of recipients of promotional products remember the advertiser on the product they receive. Want more ammunition to convince your boss or client that promotional products work? Here are 10 compelling pieces of evidence from the survey.

Businesspeople Remember the Advertisers of the Items They Received
Can a typical consumer remember the advertiser on a TV commercial they watched this morning? That’s doubtful, especially if they have TiVo. But they’re much more likely to recall the advertiser on a promotional product they have in their possession or in their home. Eighty-four percent of respondents said they remember the advertisers on the products they have, and that number is higher for certain products. For example, 94% of those who have logoed jackets easily recalled the advertiser on the jacket.

42% of Businesspeople Have a More Favorable Impression of an Advertiser After Receiving the Item
That’s right, nearly half of the businesspeople who receive a promotional item from a company will think more favorably of that company after receiving the item. This number is even higher for certain products, such as bags, shirts and caps. Add some of these products to your next marketing campaign, and you can be sure your stock goes up with customers and prospects.

Most Businesspeople Have Done Business With the Advertiser After Receiving the Item
How can a marketer be sure that when they spend money sending a client or prospect a promotional item, they’ll actually hear from that client or prospect again? According to this study, they can be fairly sure. Sixty-two percent of businesspeople have done business with the advertiser on a promotional item after receiving the item. So by sending them a promotional item, you’re either enhancing a current relationship or helping to launch a new one.

Promotional Products Have Staying Power
Think your client threw away the pen you sent him last week? That’s doubtful, according to the new study. Most businesspeople keep promotional products an average of seven months, and many keep the items for even longer. For instance, logoed bags and jackets are kept for nearly nine months, according to the study. Think about how often an individual might use a bag or a jacket: That translates into a lot of brand exposure for your company.

Businesspeople Keep Items That Are Useful
If you’re trying to find the right product for your next campaign, consider the fact that businesspeople are more likely to hold on to the product for a long time if the product is useful. As this chart shows, items like bags, writing instruments and mugs, are kept for a long time because businesspeople use them over and over again. Pick a product that’s useful and it will have staying power.

Logoed Bags Are Frequently Used
If someone tells you that nobody uses the totebags your company gives away, don’t believe them. According to the new study, bags are the most frequently-used apparel item in the promotional world. On average, businesspeople use the same logoed bag more than nine times per month. Imagine the brand exposure your company gets when that bag is toted around.

Many Promotional Products Are Used Daily
Bags aren’t the only promotional products that get major exposure. Some logoed products, like writing instruments, are used multiple times per day. Ditto for glassware/ceramics, which are used once or more per day by 40% of the survey respondents. If you’re looking to have your brand in front of a client or prospect every day, these products can help you do that.

Promotional Products Deliver Significant Numbers of Impressions
If you’re measuring the Return on Investment of your marketing efforts (and you should be), it’s important to know that a single promotional product can deliver several hundred impressions per month. For instance, a single logoed bag averages 1,038 impressions per month, according to the study. If you gave out 1,000 of those bags to clients, that’s 1,038,000 impressions per month.

The Cost-Per-Impression of Promotional Products is a Fraction of a Cent If your marketing dollars are tight right now, consider the fact that the average Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) of a promotional product is $0.004. That’s a fraction of a cent per impression – and that number is even smaller for certain products, like calendars and caps.

Promotional Products Deliver a More Favorable CPI Than Virtually Any Other Media
On a CPI basis, promotional products are more cost effective than any other type of advertising media except billboards. If you’re spending most of your marketing dollars on television, radio or print advertising, now might be the time to reconsider your marketing mix and invest more in promotional products. It’s a sure way to get a bigger bang for your buck in these uncertain economic times.

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